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We know you're out there.

You’re surfing the OTSN platform, jumping in and out of our affiliates’ pages, reading the sales and promotional material, getting a look at the new stuff coming out, and maybe eavesdropping on some of the shop talk about new product lines, strategic alliances and joint ventures between manufacturers, wholesale distributors, inventors and retail chains. We don’t blame you. Hey, we’re fascinated by it, too. It’s the air that we breathe. But is the Outdoor Trade Show Network intended for consumers?


This platform is your home field. OTSN is committed to empowering you as a highly informed consumer. Much better informed than your dad or your grandfather were, even if you’re a single mother researching the optimum fishing rod for your fifth-grader. You’ll find our indexing is intuitive, and our search engine is powerful. We can set you up for email alerts, if you wish, that will notify you of seasonal or clearance sales. Or if you’re an “early adopter,” we can put you down for an alert whenever that amazing new electronic or optic marvel hits the market.

We're Committed!

It’s not a one-way street at OTSN. In the 21st Century collaborative economy, we depend on your feedback to make sure we and our business partners are on the right track. Without your comments and questions, we’d be flying blind, unequipped to make the frequent course corrections that are required of a successful business in this fast-moving environment. Thus, we want to be available to you.

We aren’t trying to replace our partners’ customer service departments. They’re good at what they do, and we’re good at what we do. But we’ve been compared to an ombudsman. We believe that the health of our industry depends on our credibility, and we’ve got to be responsive to the people who put food on our table. That’s you! If you have ideas about how we as an industry could do a better job, we’d be grateful to hear from you.

We Care, You Matter!

Dan Butcher hosts the OTSN video series, “We Care, You Matter,” that addresses big-picture issues and topics in the outdoor industry. Feel free to suggest topics that might interest you and your fellow consumers. What would you like to know about inventors, manufacturers, wholesale distributors and retailers? What’s it like to walk through a large trade show in a convention center? How does a new idea progress through prototypes, testing, approvals, roll-out and marketing? What do you wish we did differently?

We like the new way, the collaborative way, of doing business. We’re steadily knocking down walls between business and consumers. We need your input, not just your purchases but your comments, your observations and your suggestions. We need you. Can’t do it without you. Make yourself at home!


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