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Outdoor Trade Show Network (OTSN) Partner Onboarding Requirements

Purpose: To onboard new partner businesses into the Outdoor Trade Show Network.

Outdoor Trade Show Network will require your full and legal company name in order to agree to partner with you and initiate business as it relates to the Outdoor Trade Show Network Enterprise.

Outdoor Trade Show Network reserves the right at any time to cancel partner agreements due to ethical or professional “judgement calls” when partner business or professional actions or ethics are in question.

Business relationship. OTSN will provide services up to and including:

  • a. Advertising space on websites and television channels (see pricing guide)
  • b. Television channels on digital network through the OTSN Platform
  • c. eCommerce based sales tool built into website, digital TV network and mobile app
  • d. Access to the largest consolidation of outdoor consumers in the world
  • e. Opportunities for additional professional services upon request

Product and pricing spreadsheet will be required with a number of limited data that will be used in OTSN platform. Further details will be provided prior to launching said business relationship.

Partners will provide the following information to OTSN as requested.

  • a. Company W9 from last reported Tax Year
  • b. SKU and or UPC listings (complete)
  • c. Product photos (only products to be sold through eCommerce or through digital television content or other online sales channels)
  • d. Company data and background (Brochures are also acceptable)
  • e. Company annual report if applicable
  • f. Ownership information
  • g. Purchasing point of contact
  • h. Legal point of contact (if applicable)
  • i. For Government entities (UIC)
  • j. For government contracting offices (DUNS, Cage Code, NAICS numbers as it applies)
  • k. Certain sales will require validation of office. In this instance, a telephonic conversation with the POC will be required
  • l. All professional and consumer contacts with contact information, social media addresses, etc will be shared with our partners. In turn, we ask that our partners do the same. This is in order to continue building the Outdoor Trade Show Network as the largest online outdoor network in the world.

For businesses wishing to advertise or complete digital television channel programming, the following is required:

  • a. Completion of Company profile on the OTSN website
  • b. Upload all requested documents listed on profile page
  • c. Digital logo and additional company graphics (logo should be high quality HD)
  • d. Digital content once Company onboarding is complete and payment has been processed

If operating as a firearms manufacturer, distributor, dealer, or sales, OTSN will require that you indicate which class of FFL your Company holds and your current FFL license number.

Partner/Vendor will required submit a $10,000 setup fee and establish monthly billing from a verifiable account source.

Partner/Vendor will be required to pay OTSN for the following services at the agreed upon rate based on the services selected by partner/vendor.

  • a. Advertising
  • b. Television Channel
  • c. Content space (data warehousing)
  • d. Access to professional / social network
  • e. Increased marketing and sales reach
  • f. Sales of products and/or services

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