Our Approach

Carlos, Dan, and Joe have extremely creative minds and a passion for business development, small business and protecting the rights of Americans. We make it a priority to make our business partners and our customers feel like they are part of our family. At OTSN, we love our families, our country, we love the outdoors and we love telling your story. Outdoor Trade Show Network is where you go, before you buy. Give us a call or send us an email. We’d love to talk.

Our Story

Outdoor Trade Show Network is owned and operated by people who love the outdoor community. OTSN began as a grassroots attempt by one guy to tell the stories of so many small “mom and pops” who make high quality fishing, hunting and outdoor products. These small businesses struggle and don’t have a voice in a marketplace so large as the outdoor industry (3rd largest industry in the US). When Dan Butcher, met Carlos Stinson and Joe Mullen both US Army Veterans and entrepreneurs, a spark turned into a flame and the idea for OTSN caught fire. Driving consumers to manufacturers of high quality outdoor products and services and increasing the marketing and sales reach of small businesses around the country.

Meet The Team

Carlos Stinson, Founder

Carlos Stinson


The best way to describe Carlos is to say he was made with no quit in him. Carlos is a former Army Ranger and US Olympic water polo player. After conducting over 1000 combat missions as part of his Ranger Battalion in Afghanistan and other world crisis areas, Carlos took his drive for mission accomplishment and talent into the business world. Carlos holds a Master Degree in National Security Studies, coaches water polo and raises his 5 children with his beautiful wife Heidi.

Dan Butcher Co Founder

Dan Butcher


Dan knows just about everyone.Dan is a guy who loves meeting people and getting to know them. One of the first questions out of his mouth is always “how are you doing?” Dan organized the “We Care, You Matter” video series to help people. He has a personal drive to help Entrepreneurs succeed in small business ventures and believes in his heart that Small Business in this country is what keeps us all free Americans.

Joe Mullen

Joe Mullen

Vice President

Joe has spent 30 years in the US Army first as an enlisted Infantryman, then an Infantry Officer, Logistician, and finally in Special Operations. Joe teaches Junior High School science and PE and raises his 4 sons with his beautiful wife Araceli. Joe loves the outdoors and is an avid camper and Road Tripper.

Next Steps...

Are you a small business owner or manufacturer? We would love to partner with you to bring your content or product line to the World’s largest outdoor network. Give Dan a call. (608) 574-0139

Are you just shopping around? Great! We’d love to help you find what you’re looking for at a great price. Give us a call or send us an email. We would love to hear from you.


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